Web3 CC0
Despite how comfortable we’ve become in recent decades with limitations on creativity and obstacles to the free flowing success of creators from all corners of society, it is also incompatible with creative freedom when there is a clearly better alternative that already exists today. Copyright was always an illusion of a trade off between an unreliable promise of a little bit of payment in exchange for most of our freedom. Now, with web3, NFTs, DAOs, and similar mechanisms that integrate the decentralization of capital, culture, and creativity, we are all free to create and prosper from it without being stuck with the devil’s bargain offered by those who insist on content control.
DIGITALAX undergoes continuous evolution towards greater degrees of infrastructure layer support for web3 cc0.
All content sold and released through our marketplaces, platform and other web3 native channels that receives direct and extensive personal production, time and support from the core team is cc0. Any exceptions are actively noted with its reasons why.
The full embrace of cc0 by the DIGITALAX protocol stack and core team is a really exciting move to make even more clear what we are doing personally to stay fully aligned with core web3 principles and grow the market to meet fast scaling demand.
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