The Genesis Period
The launch of the DIGITALAX Platform began with The Genesis Period on November 2nd 11pm UTC 2020.

The Basics

    • Type: ERC-721
    • Min & max contribution per address: 0.1ETH - 2ETH
    • Max Supply: 500
  • The Genesis Period on November 2nd 11pm UTC 2020 initiated the Genesis MONA NFT distribution and liquidity crowdsourcing event for DIGITALAX. The Genesis period ended on November 20th 11pm UTC 2020.
  • Each user could choose to contribute between 0.1-2ETH for the purchase of the Genesis MONA NFT. They received 1 Genesis MONA NFT for any contribution amount, however the staking rewards APY, voting participation and additional token rewards allocation from market activity is different depending on the amount contributed.
  • Users could come back at any time during the Genesis Period and contribute more ETH to a maximum of 2ETH, but they didn't receive another Genesis MONA NFT. Only 1 Genesis MONA NFT per address.
  • There was no pre-sale. No investors or venture capitalists are backing DIGITALAX. The team has bootstrapped the entire project.
  • Genesis MONA NFTs serve as one of the platform's governance NFTs. A buyer is granted different governance/additional token rewards/staking reward rights based on the amount of ETH that they contributed i.e. Spending 2 ETH will give someone access to full benefits (able to mint $MONA, able to receive profits in priority, able to participate on governance and receive incentives etc.).
  • Distribution and allocation:
    • Genesis MONA NFT event (crowd sale): 92%
    • Protocol Reserve: 5%
    • Team & advisors: 3%
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The Basics