Staking is ONLY live on Polygon Network as of Dec 2nd 2021. Ethereum Staking has been de-activated. You can still access the Ethereum staking website to unstake any NFTs and tokens through clicking the "old staking" button in the top right of the staking website here.
Staking is implemented for fair distribution of $MONA, and other core ERC-20s, to the community, as well as allows us to experiment with completely new mechanisms when building at the edge of NFTs x DeFi.
90% of the $MONA token total supply was allocated for staking rewards, with 200 from this allocation providing the initial uniswap $MONA/ETH liquidity upon token launch December 2020 and the remaining 10% being allocated to the DIGITALAX Treasury.
$MONA is distributed to $MONA, MONA/USDT Quickswap LP, Genesis MONA NFT, Fashion NFT stakers on Polygon. This staking distribution is for the additional 1,300 $MONA mint, where 100 was allocated to the DIGITALAX Treasury and the remaining 1,200 for staking rewards. You can read the full ecosystem update in regards to the supply increase here and more information on staking here.
$DECO token is also distributed through staking and NFT appraisal activity in The DLTA System, whereby the token is dynamically allocated to those under the PODE guild in The DLTA engaging in the most active and highest leaderboard scoring appraisals.
Upon the launch of $W3F, distribution will also take place via staking over the course of 24 months, with allocations fairly distributed across ecosystem participants.
The new staking schedule has begun on Polygon. It is no longer live on Ethereum. You can bridge your DIGITALAX NFTs & $MONA token from Ethereum to Polygon to stake. You can also stake MONA/USDT LP from Quickswap. You can stake here.
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