Since our launch, DIGITALAX has been dedicated to ensuring that at each step of the way we implementing robust methods that adhere with full integrity to our foundational principles in order to reach full, multilayer decentralisation, progressively and sustainably.
An overnight switch into “full time DAO” at this stage of the ecosystem would only carve up the value that has been built so far and is continuing to be materialised. Instead, we take a sequentially and iteratively modular and composable approach to this massive ecosystem, whereby we gradually and cumulatively decentralise sub components in keystone areas, as well as combine this with an overarching governance structure through $MONA and Genesis MONA NFT voting, as holders of these tokens represent the champion stewards of the ecosystem. Fluency, flexibility, and the ability to continuously refresh the magic of scalable small world networks are essential.
Within each sub-DAO there are custom token economic structures and incentives. Some of these ERC-20, ERC-721, and ERC-1155 tokens are already live and in use, others are still to be released.
For every token released through the DIGITALAX ecosystem the team has taken 0% allocation for the highest integrity launch and fair distribution. Most of our distribution for ERC-20 tokens takes place through our staking contracts, where both ERC-20s, ERC-721s and ERC-998s can be staked for token yield.

Governance Voting

Anyone can propose initiatives on our governance forum here: across catalytic and critical connective verticals in the overarching DIGITALAX ecosystem. You can view each vertical on the forum channels under the Proposals category. Initiatives are then passed onto the DIGITALAX snapshot voting space whereby token holders can cast their vote on an active DIP (DIGITALAX Improvement Proposal). You can join the DIGITALAX Snapshot space here.
At this stage we are experimenting with a range of governance strategies, including different token voting types; i.e. quadratic, weighted, RCV, etc. It is incredibly important for evolving our understanding of the terrain and also for better expressing the genuine intention and perspective of each participant.
In the future, the DIGITALAX governance forum will act as both the parent DAO for the entire ecosystem, whereby reconciliation of certain proposals and voting mechanics will take place, as well as elevating important considerations and initiatives that are brought forth by any of the sub-DAOs. The DIGITALAX parent DAO will then deliberate over the finer details and mechanics that are mutually beneficial for the entire ecosystem, before disseminating the proposal to all sub-DAOs to vote on. The DAO in aggregate will determine the final outcome through a super majority vote.
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