DIGITALAX is a Fully CC0 Enabled Decentralised & Forkable Protocol Stack for Web3 Fashion & The Open Metaverse.

DIGITALAX is here to prove that web3 fashion is the missing bridge that will onboard millions of new users into web3. We’ve built an entire ecosystem across digital and physical fashion, NFTs, gaming, esports and the metaverse.
Our community consists of designers, developers, modders, gamers, creators and crypto/DeFi enthusiasts. We maintain a regular daily schedule of active communication with our community members across our Medium, Discord, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, Linkedin and Youtube accounts, and facilitate the continuous growth and connections between them.
Decentralisation is our animating principle, and is interwoven into the fabric of everything we do –– through rapid, progressive development across each layer of tech infrastructure, distribution of power, and value exchange.
The team has taken a 0% allocation of all tokens launched through the ecosystem for the highest integrity launch.
We are birthing new tools for the democratization of the web3 fashion supply chain, bridging a global open source ethos to fashion innovation. It is this conduit and connection building for cross-collaboration of Designers and Developers, with a Player-centered devotion, which will move the open metaverse forward.

Core Ecosystem Modules

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