Wayfare is a newly designed social coordination mechanism, first launched as a Discord bot. Wayfarers build inter-* and intra-DAO affinity through mutual assistance, trusted community interactions, and incentivised web3 contributions.
It works right out of the box in discord servers that so many of us call home, for network effects at squad scale. The bot actively sources quests from DAOs and individual DAO members and connects these quests up with Wayfarers that are best positioned to solve them.
Community members and DAOs can submit !gives and !asks alongside direct mutual assists between DAO members. DAOs can route contribution bounties through the bot to members in the extended meta-community best positioned and most eager to go full time DAO.
Rewards can be anything from native tokens, speciality NFTs, to the possibility of a full time gig within a truly web3 native world.
You can think of Wayfare like a human in the loop AMM, where rather than generic incentives pushing a race to the bottom free for all, where the reward is little and competition is high, instead, Wayfare responds what people actually want, even if they don’t yet realize it — personalised high quality human connection.
If you’d like to try out Wayfare in your own discord server today, join the DIGITALAX server and let us know!
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