The Indexes: W3MI + iW3Fi
The W3MI and the iW3Fi track information through token data feeds of what makes an asset, protocol, and related content “web3” in fashion and the metaverse. If we are to build a truly open metaverse we must first unbundle each layer of what it takes to get there — advancing web3 versions of each is the only way to do it. The W3MI ranks and tracks metaverse projects that truly advance web3 principles, and the iW3Fi does the same for indie web3 fashion. These are being curated and built out through the DIGITALAX ecosystem sub-DAOs.

W3MI: Web3 Metaverse Index.

The Web3 Metaverse Index tracks metaverse projects, related content and assets that display consistent web3 compatible or “closest comp” traits — it includes anything from protocol ERC-20s, to NFTs, to DAOs, and new forms of value coordination yet to be developed. Initial curation is now live through DIGITALAX ecosystem governance for $MONA and Genesis MONA NFT holders.

iW3Fi: Indie Web3 Fashion Index.

The iW3Fi contains important data points about activity in the web3 fashion ecosystem, including that of:
  • GDN DAO official on-chain member count
  • Number of open source patterns minted
  • Number of indie web3 fashion NFTs minted
  • Number of indie web3 fashion NFTs live for sale
  • Last highest sale price of indie web3 fashion NFTs
This index will expand and evolve over time, fed directly by the $MONA and Genesis MONA NFT holders. Eventually, curation of data to be ranked and voted on by the $MONA and Genesis MONA NFT holders will be fully sourced and automated by the community. As of now, the core DIGITALAX team curate and adds data to a shortlist to be voted on during weekly snapshot voting rounds.
This data consists of voting across 3 categories;
  • Luxury
  • Min power
  • Max power
Within each applicable category token holders rank with their voting power between 5–12 items, using RCV (ranked choice voting). If you’d like to participate in either index you, build the weight your position through the tokens accepted for governance votes.
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W3MI: Web3 Metaverse Index.
iW3Fi: Indie Web3 Fashion Index.