The DLTA System
The DLTA system implements delta mechanism design to ensure automated embedded incentives, virtuous feedback loops, continuous generation of dynamically weighted appraisal, and the establishment of authentically decentralised guilds that are able to realise the upside from random effects or shocks and thus balance countervailing factions within an adversarial system.
In The DLTA system guilds exist within a meta-guild structure. Guilds are defined by holders of both guild native NFT membership tokens and also ERC-20 tokens. Multi-factored crypto appraisal and value assessment tools allow guild members to evaluate whitelisted NFTs that have been staked on their guild for the purpose of being appraised. Holders of select NFTs, which are interchangeably whitelisted via The DLTA DAO, are able to stake their NFTs on specific compatible guilds for appraisal. More specifically, this entails them securing their NFT within that specific guild’s staking contract to then be appraised by the members of that local guild.
Appraisal of NFTs within a specific guild takes place whereby the members of that guild are able to alternate through all of the NFTs staked on the guild for appraisal and give feedback to the system through 8 specified interface actions. These actions each provide both fundamental and sentiment specific data points about how the member perceives the value of the particular NFT at that specific point in time. Each of the 8 actions are associated with a functional weight that influences where and how an NFT ranks within the system’s global NFT appraisal leaderboard. This rank is persistently differing due to the dynamic nature of the appraisals by the members and their optionality to change their appraisal interface actions for any of the NFTs staked on their guild i.e. today the sentiment for an NFT could be positive, tomorrow negative. The ranking of an NFT within the leaderboard impacts the amount of guild-native ERC-20 token and global appraisal utility ERC-20 that both the staked NFT owner and guild appraisers staking either the global and guild native ERC-20s on the NFT receive i.e. their ERC-20 yield is sensitive to the ranking of the NFT where a higher leaderboard position results in a greater amount of yield allocated to the user/s and a lower ranking amounts to a lower amount of ERC-20 yield assigned.
Further to this, the members of the local guilds are also appraised within the system based on both their own appraisal activity within their guild and also other user’s appraisal of them. Similar to the NFT appraisals, users can also appraise other member’s both in and outside of their guild through set reactions, that too are decided and dynamically re-evaluated by the DLTA DAO. These reactions influence where a system user ranks within the Appraiser Clout leaderboard and thus also influences the amount of guild-native ERC-20 and global utility ERC-20 yield that the appraiser/user receives. This value is again dynamic, where higher yield results from a higher position for the user on the leaderboard.

Connect Your Guild & Appraise NFTs for Yield.

PODE was the genesis guild to launch under The DLTA System with native ERC-20 distribution through the $DECO token.
Overtime, more guilds will be launched and onboarderd into The DLTA; both those with and without native ERC-20s. If you a guild does not have a native ERC-20 then one will be established and distributed through The DLTA. It is vital that each guild with The DLTA system has a guild-specific ERC-20 token so that the guild can have a life of its own both within the DLTA meta-guild system and also beyond it. This prioritises the foundational ability for value to be driven between members of each guild and adherence to the principle purpose of each guild.
Anyone can stake their NFTs on a guild to be appraised, if those NFTs have been whitelisted by that guild, to start earning the native token of that guild as well as $DLTA— the governance token for the DLTA DAO.
If you’d like to launch a guild and appraise. Reach out on our discord or propose directly on the governance forum here.
The DLTA DAO is governed by $DLTA and used by the DAO members for coordinating on activities across The DLTA System weighted staking distribution algorithm, new guild formation, whitelisted NFT staking addresses, and whitelisted ERC-20 token reward distribution.
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