Model NFT Marketplace
Our Runway NFT marketplace is dedicated for decentralised creative expression collaborations between web3 models and designers under the Global Models Syndicate and Global Designer Network.
By wearing the fashion from the most up and coming bespoke and new high end web3 fashion labels, models are able to directly jump ahead of the masses, positioning themselves as native metaverse models and also forming direct relationships with the Global Designer Network designers and brands that take a huge amount of the production activity that shapes what the metaverse will become.
Explore the break out NFT looks by the Global Models Syndicate across unique hybrid digital-physical realms, from digital dressing, to AR filters, to the hottest IRL apparel, these NFTs establish and extend the new frontier in a global renaissance of culture and style.

Secondary Marketplace

The DIGITALAX Treasury takes a 15% allocation from all sales on the primary NFT marketplace, whereby part of that allocation is then distributed back as additional token rewards to $MONA, $MONA LP and Genesis NFT holders through our Polygon staking contracts. You can read more about this here. For collaborations between designers and models, designers receive a 15% allocation and the remaining 70% is distributed to the model— this split between the designer and model may vary if custom agreed by designers/models when collaborating.
For the secondary marketplace, The splits on NFTs sold occur as follows; 10% royalty to the original model, 3% to the DIGITALAX Treasury, and another 3% allocated for additional token rewards distributed to $MONA, $MONA LP and Genesis NFT holders through the Polygon staking contracts.
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