Meta Source Vaults
Creation of a liquid value layer for open source + free software assets is a difficult undertaking. Open source without an aligned revenue model, is like the internet without web3. Full of promise but ultimately doomed to fail. In the seventh scope of DASH, under Revision 7.0, we summoned the spirit of Meta Source into more manifest form. Meta Source is open software with a natively interwoven value layer. It is the web3 enabled way forward for open source and the free software movement, allowing us all to move well beyond past limitations to ignite a prosperous, metaverse ready, fully open and incentivized software ecosystem.
The first three Meta Source Vaults have been initialized, with the Global Designer Network DAO (GDN) for indie web3 fashion, the Global Models Syndicate for web3 modeling and avatars, and the Indie Modder’s Guild (IMG) for indie web3 gaming and modding.
These vaults will be filled with myriad assets and content over time, committed to public domain through the vaults by members of each of the DAOs/Guilds. Everything from 3D items and entire game environments, to mutually beneficial lessons and skills. The content and assets will be used proactively by GDN, GMS, IMG and the broader web3 community, with value generation mechanisms native to web3 embedded directly within their usage. Some of these mechanisms include: Fractional Garment Ownership, Open Avatar Elementals, AR Posenet, Model Marketplace, Fashion Marketplaces, LOOK, ESPA, PODE, the Player Creator Portal and far more.
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