LOOK: Fashion Loot
A New Look for Loot | Composable Fashion in the Metaverse

What is LOOK?

Generative composable fashion look book text. How you wear it is up to you. It’s an experiment in web3 metaverse fashion. Who would have thought that text could be a material for design?
Interoperable metaverse fashion means that it is persistent across all multi-layered digital and physical realms. It is not a seperate layer to how we can express ourselves but rather just an extension of it and the tools we used to interact with the world around us.
What we wear is a powerful projection of who we are. And it’s all the more important that this projection is composable. Because that means that we have more range of choice, optionality and potentiality in everything that we do. The LOOK project is a derivative of Loot, where generative text NFTs are the building blocks to full scale utility enabled look books.
One of the most compelling components of Web3 Fashion is that it’s no longer limited to a vanilla set of materials; digital or physical. We aren’t limited to perceiving it as solely interweaving the fabric that makes up the garment, but rather, it can incorporate almost anything— from DeFi money legos to literal text.
And that is what the LOOK experiment is all about. Combining mod culture with the traditional trend of look books to catalyse a greater horizon for the market and deeper capacity for anyone to benefit.
Fashion isn’t “fashion” anymore. It’s so much more. And on-chain fashion means that we can leverage the core features of the blockchain to create truly transformational wearables. A common, universal and transparent ledger means that, in a sense, coordination is woven into the thread count. Designers from every part of the globe can engage in a larger number of smaller scale actions for social, creative and financial gain. The liquidity pools get so much deeper.
So what should you do with your LOOK? Well, it’s more about what can you do? Ultimately, what LOOK does is bring the power of capital and code into what previously was just a bundle of words. The idea that you can do anything that you set your mind to, was just that; fancy words promoting an idea.
With composable programmability, this idea can materialise. Literally. Because as you create with these NFT enshrined words, the garments, derivatives and re-interpretations that you make become gathering points for attention, capital and market interest.
Wear without permission. That’s web3 fashion.

How do I get it?

There are 13,000 total for claiming via three different distribution events;
  • 3,000 distributed via a whitelisted free minting. If you hold $MONA, DIGITALAX marketplace NFTs, DIGIFIZZY NFTs, PODE, Genesis MONA NFT, Loot or $AGLD as of the time of snapshot (TBA in the next few days) then you will be eligible to claim until those 3,000 run out. There will be a limit mint per person. You can claim here now via this contract address.
  • 3,000 reserved that can be earnt through producing derivatives and contributions to the ecosystem.
  • 7,000 that can be claimed by anyone through a free minting. This distribution will only be activated 1,000 at a time over a 7 day period, once the initial 3,000 have all been claimed by whitelisted holders.

Stay up to date with the LOOK derivative ecosystem here.

LOOK Hackathon

The Global Designer Network, and broader fashion community joined forces, as individuals and in groups, to go head to head and write the source code for LOOK wearables! Digital fashion is really just programmable source code that we can wear. With LOOK being so close to the metal, as a text based digital material, we ran the ultimate LOOK Web3 Fashion Hackathon!

Lookbook #23

Lookbook #612