Indie Modder's Guild

Join Us in Building the Open Source Web3 Value Layer for Indie Gaming, Modding and the Metaverse.

The titans of AAA gaming & dystopian tech collude in their march to conquer every last bit of our digitally dependent lives.
We live in the lingering hangover of old worlds grown stale. In the shadows cast by a priesthood with a heresy inquisitor enforcement division, with crunch time indentured servitude delivering a worse game experience every time.
“Sign over your life right here, buddy, and all you’ll get is some shiny trailers, buggy game play, and pay to win lootcrates you can barely afford.”
The move to a better timeline can be accelerated, but time is running out.
That’s why the Indie Modder’s Guild (IMG) is here to champion and defend the open web3 metaverse. Open source gaming equiped with a decentralized value layer changes the all too dehumanizing routines we’ve all assumed were the best deal we’d get, into a massive multiplayer open world loot drop quest. Join us for the epic boss raids as we rebalance the game!

Indie Modder’s Guild.

There was a time when game makers cared about far more than just maximising the money they pocketed at the expense of players and game devs — as great as money is and can be, they loved when they found people who loved playing the games that they poured everything into making. This is not true in any of today’s gaming industry. It’s not possible.
The missing piece oddly enough is money, or, the power that money can give you. The ability to earn a living and even profit wildly without sacrificing your game, your standards or your life to some corporate or VC overlord is how you can create your passion, outcompete your rivals, build a market, and fund yourself your own way.
Under IMG, we are establishing the web3 indie mod and game dev layer to open source more of this industry, create real decentralised value, and further, start directly connecting, aligning and incentivising the comprehensive web3 fashion interoperability chain pioneered under the GDN, as well as unlocking the web3 capital and tooling necessary for the entire metaverse dev ecosystem to flourish.
IMG is actively powered through ESPA and PODE, where both web3 applications are lucrative conduits for native value generation on top of open source ecosystems.

The Constellation Initiative.

Under the Indie Modder’s Guild (IMG) we undertake a number of web3 native projects that truly advance the principles of web3. This means not just using the blockchain to mint NFTs or provide native crypto rewards in digital environments.
The first continuum initiative that builds on this base is The Constellation.
Every member of the IMG commits a mod or indie game to be open sourced fully and included in the IMG Open Source Vault. This vault will grow over time to include a large variety of fashion x gaming blueprints.
Within The Constellation initiative every included game and mod is fitted with web3 native quest2earn, play2earn and wear2earn features, that are supported directly through ESPA and PODE (Other DIGITALAX critical ecosystem components).
We create value directly through the web3 layer rather than closed IP, and with this, start an entirely new movement in gaming; well capitalised open source.
Genesis guilds are formed under The Constellation. After forming a guild with IMG, each guild is required to first contribute assets to the open source vault in the form of “blueprint data” for making skins/wearables that can be imported into the particular guild’s mod/indie game. This is to actively enable collaboration with the Global Designer Network DAO and also directly unlock the value layer for the games themselves by providing in abundance one of the most in-demand needs for every player; an interoperable metaverse ready identity. The GDN DAO is closely aligned with IMG, through the design and creation of web3 enabled, composable fashion elements that will interoperate across every game under The Constellation. A dedicated skins marketplace is set to launch alongside The Constellation, whereby perpetual fractional splits will occur between designers and developers, especially as The Constellation is further extended with ESPA tournaments, the GDN DAO, DASH, and more.

Decentralised Esports. Get Your Skins in the Game.

ESPA is the first decentralised Casual Esports platform for Indie and Modded gaming. Level up from amateur to pro as you take your skins across individuated games & digital content environments to earn an income stream through $MONA. Casual Esports allows you to play anywhere, anytime without having to conform to excessive rules and schedules.It frees Players, Modders, Independent Devs, Designers to create new livelihoods for themselves no matter where they live. For the first time ever you are more than a button mashing widget or 3rd party database entry –– able to genuinely monetize your efforts without waiting in line for the usual industry-bureaucratic stamp aknowledging the value of play.
ESPA is built different. It is a Web3 metaverse ecosystem forged by consensus between Designers, Developers, Modders, Players and Creators, allowing each stakeholder to generate a new sustainable livelihood through play. ESPA is here to liberate fashion and gaming through mod culture.

PODE & The Player Creator Portal.

What does it take for an indie game (or really any game) to survive and rank on today’s WGMI funding, release, and player growth leaderboards?
In today’s AAA dominated landscape, indie developers face a steep grind to success without properly incentivized resources, effective tools or even much mutual support to actively level up and release their game into a market ill-equipped to differentiate and value it.
PODE provides a first of its kind testing environment that directly enables better surfacing, development, and curation of interactive content. Players and Devs alike can decide which game elements are good, what to like, and weigh the relative value of each aspect of an interactive experience, in a way that is entirely web3 native.
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Join Us in Building the Open Source Web3 Value Layer for Indie Gaming, Modding and the Metaverse.
Indie Modder’s Guild.
The Constellation Initiative.
Decentralised Esports. Get Your Skins in the Game.
PODE & The Player Creator Portal.