Fractional Garment Ownership
Fractional Garment Ownership (FGO) sets forth the standard and dress code for the manufacture of web3 fashion along the entire fashion content supply chain. FGO leverages ERC Protocol standards across the Ethereum Blockchain and Polygon (Matic Network) for breaking down a master ERC-721 digital garment into its programmable and composable ERC-1155 elements of materials, patterns and textures— these composable elements are all open sourced.
Here, we are using a variant on the ERC-998 standard, where each ERC-721 token can hold a balance of ERC-1155 NFTs. We coin this respectively the Parent and Child NFTs. This allows for other designers to leverage off of the open source digital libraries, incorporating the patterns, materials and textures into their master garments, whilst still ensuring that all original contributors to the fashion item can have their IP authenticated and effectively traced across the entire journey.
FGO directly enables individual artists and designers to create and issue the modular building blocks and components to a master web3 fashion garment, with complete on-chain verification. This directly allows for;
  • Completely new models of monetisation with fractional royalty splits
  • Well capitalised open source through the web3 value layer
  • Authenticated and transparent tracking at each stage of the supply chain with immutable provenance
  • A more complete framework for valuing and assessing native digital goods
So far, we have released two standard frameworks for Fractional Garment Ownership.

The Fractional Garment Ownership libraries are live and filled with amazing patterns, prints, materials, textures that are used across the realms by the Global Designer Network. You can view the libraries, fork the contributions into your own master garment, and, even join the GDN to start contributing yourself!
Modding the Metaverse. The metaverse is nothing more than a radical reduction in the barriers between us. As these barriers come down, as the gates minaturise, the friction that might stop us normally from any given choice dissipates, allowing for new modes of interaction that are inherently fluid and liberating. And, with that said, modding is the fundamental practice that drives growth and change in fashion, gaming, mechanics… everything. The methodology behind modding and the byproducts that come from it are what actually build the metaverse. And, not just build the metaverse but also ensure that it will be kept open, vital and continuously unique to each personal experience.
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