DASH: Interoperable Transformation File Format Architecture.
We propose a new file intercommunication format that consists of a wrapper constructor and engine plugin, using upgradeable transformation sets to dynamically provide logical opinions with consideration of rendering output— to deploy 3D fashion and other metaversal digital assets across interoperable gaming, VR, 3D content environments.
Our model sets to completely revolutionize the conventional approach to cross platform usage of 3D assets, especially in real-time 3D environments. For the first time, we pull information and data directly from the graphical output environment and write this to the file’s data structure itself, as well as directly integrate native web3 incentive mechanisms.
DASH will soon refashion itself as a sub-DAO of the DIGITALAX ecosystem and form the Open Source Community Incentive Network of web3 researcher, developer and engineering optimists. We release revisions to our community every 10 days, three times a month.
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