Collector DAOs
You can now access and join an indie web3 fashion collector DAO on the main page of the patrons platform here.
Over time, this page will be filled with more and more dedicated collector and buy side DAOs that will be focused on important sectors of the web3 fashion economy— from digital, to IRL, to infrastructure, to specialised groups of realms.
The platform will also become more and more permissionless, just like for any designer wanting to spin up a realm with DIGITALAX, soon anyone can spin up their own indie web3 fashion buy side DAO.
Through the DIGITALAX governance forum at, there is a special new category that has been instantiated where anyone can propose for a new collector or buy side DAO to be launched.
To further ensure that within these early stages of cultivating the market we prevent and mitigate collusion, bad actors and other counterproductive detriments, every proposal should receive active and diverse engagement on the forum before being transitioned to Snapshot voting.
Collector DAOs can be formed on specific to broader reaching topics. For example, maybe it focuses on cultivating VR metaverse web3 fashion, or maybe its focused on supporting a particular cluster of upcoming indie designer realms also listed on the patrons platform.

To begin with, there are a number of archetypal buy side DAOs that are launching to serve as the proof of model and blueprint for each of the following ones to come.

These are to be stewarded by core and active members of DIGITALAX and the broader web3 fashion community.

The first of those launching are that of;

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